Are Using The Blasphemy Blame Card On Maryam Nawaz

Pakistani Vigilantes Are Using The Blasphemy Blame Card On Maryam Nawaz And It Is Not Okay!

When it comes to blasphemy in Pakistan, it shouldn’t be taken as a joke. The past of this country is filled with examples where the accused has been tortured, abducted and even killed in the name of blasphemy. The recent scenario of Mashal Khan exposed how one needs to be absolutely sure of what they are blaming another person for. However, seems like many in this country still haven’t learned from the brutal incidences that occurred in the past.

Maryam Nawaz is preyed by social media users yet again. The active member of social media is seen using her Twitter space to advocate on behalf of her father, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif.

In this past few week, there were numerous Twitter trends which trended actively to condemn Maryam Nawaz. Yesterday, the trend #MaryamAndBehnsa ignited and it revolved around accusing Maryam Nawaz of supporting the page that promotes blasphemous content.

This is how it allegedly started:

It has been said that she has liked and retweeted tweets of the Behnsa account, the account which previously shared blasphemous content.

This Is One Way To Put Things In Perspective

If you do not like someone, it does not mean you accuse them of something which is not tolerated.


Here’s where the matters become sensitive enough for Maryam Nawaz to be cautious on her social media:

Indeed It Is

This certainly isn’t the proper way of framing someone you have differences with. This can lead to life-death consequences. It is horrifying to see that people talk about such a sensitive matter in such a casual way which might have terrible consequences later. One may have their differences with Maryam Nawaz, but associating someone with such a horrendous allegation is absolutely immoral.

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