Shaadi Kab Karrhi Ho? This Pakistani Girl Schools Society That Marrying In Your 30s Is ‘Okay’

pakistani girl marrying 30s

Marriage is a beautiful phase of life. However, when it comes to Pakistani society, ‘marriage’ is treated as form of goal; especially for girls. Being a Pakistani girl reach the prime age of 20 and not being betrothed is something that awfully frowned upon, why is it not okay marrying in your 30s?

Pakistani YouTuber girl Madiha Shahid disagrees to the statement and broke all stereotypes by marrying in 30s.

Pakistani madiha shahid marriage YouTuber
Image: Twitter

She adds a beautiful and bold caption with her picture; and to say we are amazed is an understatement. This amazing queen mentions that growing as an individual is important. Shahid adds in the caption:

“When people asked me when I would get married, my only reply was I will get married but at the right time”. Madiha added.

Societal pressures and marriage

Since a young age women in Pakistan are taught about the importance of marriage and how it is their inevitable duty to fulfill it. Despite studying hard and acing exams a large number of female doctors even are asked to leave their studies and get married as their initial and first duty.

Simultaneously, patriarchy has grasped immensely at the hands of Pakistani society to a point that even having a daughter isn’t something looked at with as much pride as that of having a son.

The only question is when will this sick and disparaging mindset leave us. When will Pakistanis understand the importance of educating women similar to that of educating men. Perhaps, only then Pakistanis will be able to grow towards a progressive future.

It is amazing to see how finally women are breaking out of these centuries old set norms and standing up for their selves. Just a while back, we learned about a powerful woman who was a child bride but now is finally doing her P.h.D today!

pakistani girl marrying 30s
Image: Twitter

In another side of the story we also hope that people don’t demean or make fun of her on the matter. Knowing the patriarchal society, she is likely to face some backlash. All we hope for is that she doesn’t take it to heart and like a true warrior fights back.

Madiha Shahid believes “A woman is more than marriage. She is a complete human being. She wants her independence & can’t wait for the right person instead of getting married early with the wrong one.”

Moreover, we also hope that her bold stance on the matter can aware the society and people about giving women the choice and the chance to make their own decisions. It is about time, that women get the role of being treated with respect and equality. Any of the Pakistani girl should never be questioned if she is marrying in her 30s.

We truly laud and admire Shahid for her stance and wish her a life of love, prosperity, and happiness.

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