This Marine Has Smiled His Entire Life. Yes, Even When His Limbs Were Blown Off. What Excuse Do You Have?

US Marines

The heroes you hear tell of in stories actually exist, but they aren’t Captain America or Ironman. They are real… and they are soldiers.

US Marine Gunnery Sergeant Brian Meyer was deployed as a bomb technician in Afghanistan when tragedy struck in 2011. He was defusing an explosive device when it exploded prematurely.

The Marine was only 29 years-old was nearly destroyed by the blast. He lost his hand and his right leg above the knee. He also lost three fingers of his left hand.

A fellow soldier took a picture of Sgt Meyer while he was receiving treatment on the battlefield. The smile on his face is both heartbreaking and inspiring.

The journey that Brian Meyer went on after his injury should be told to men, women and children across our country. He sacrificed so much for his home and country, but he didn’t let that destroy his life. In fact, he kept fighting for our country and to be an inspiration for others.

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