Pakistanis Are Busy Mocking Maria Memon’s Husband Instead Of Wishing Her Well For Her Marriage!

The culture of weddings in our society is extremely twisted. Instead of looking at the decency of the other person, we narrow the selection of the spouse on the basis of their looks, bank balance and area of house. Often we hear stories of how extremely talented and loving prospects were ‘rejected’ based on their looks.

What hurts even more is how the society bad mouths a couple instead of wishing them well. You will hear people whispering during weddings on how a groom is better looking the bride or vice versa. What society doesn’t account for are additional aspects, including how compatible the couple may be and whether they will keep each other happy or not.

All of this can be seen in the recent wedding of famous Pakistani journalist Maria Memon.

Currently working as journalist with ARY Networks, Maria has been the buzz of journalism industry for quite sometime now. Just yesterday, Maria wedded CSS topper Umar Riaz.



Seemingly, the couple kept their wedding low-profile. Addition to this, the two look extremely comfortable and happy with each other as well.

The news floated on social when Maria and Umar’s mutual friend Fawad Hussain announced the union:

Instead of wishing the couple well, majority of the social media users started commenting on the couple, showing inch by inch the mentality of our society.



*Slow claps*



And Then There Were People Who Spoke Well In This Matter


We wish Maria and her husband all the best for the future. Beautiful couple, MashaAllah!

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