Margalla Hills is Again on Fire

Margalla Hills is Again on Fire

With the current heat wave and temperature rise in Islamabad, Margalla Hills has again witnessed wildfires.

There were smokes seen on Margalla Hills on Monday. The site is normal for the residents of the locality. CDA and IWMB took rapid action with seven helicopters to rescue. Smoke was again seen later this week, with Interior Minister Mohsin Naqvi taking action and forming a committee to investigate.

An investigation was set up, with fire in 15 different localities. The Interior Minister directed the commissioner and Inspector General (IG) with a registered FIR.

Investigations have revealed that that local villagers of the area setting the fire up, burning vegetation grown on the hills.

The total area of Margalla Hills spreads over 12,605 hectares registered as a National Park. The administration of the Hills falls under CDA and IWMB. CDA falls directly under the Interior Ministry headed by Mohsin Naqvi.

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While the local villagers will be accountable for their actions, their actions have severe consequences. The fire set by the local farmers quickly spreads with the intense summer heat.

IWMB chairperson Rana Saeed Khan pointed out that 80%-90% of the fires were set by villagers a couple of years back.

Civilian bodies hired villagers to patrol wildfires. The constant rise of fire is a concern- pointing to a failure of planning and policy.

Rising fires are affecting wildlife and forestation – and need immediate attention.

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