Miss World’s Reply to Pakistani Girls just Won many Hearts across the Border!

Beauty since long has had different definitions to it. It keeps on changing from person to person on how they see and perceive different things. Keeping both the inner and outer beauty as a core focus, many competitions around the world are conducted in which only the best candidate is selected in the end. The most popular example of such competitions is Miss World which has been going on since 1951. This year, Manushi Chillar from India was crowned as the Miss World 2017.


Source: The Indian Express

With fame, comes a lot of questions. After Manushi’s return to her homeland, she had to answer numerous questions that journalists kept throwing at her with different angles and twists. In a recent interview, a journalist asked her a question that:
Since you became Miss World, a debate was sparked in Pakistan as they believe that there are more beautiful girls in Pakistan than in India. But they wear burkas. So what’s your take on it?”


While replying to the question, Manushi Chillar answered it amazingly by saying that,

“It’s never about the outer beauty only, if you have seen Miss World, then you must have noticed that every girl was gorgeous. So, it’s all about how you could do good for someone by using your outer beauty. It’s not the most beautiful face that wins, it’s one beautiful heart that is selected to represent those beautiful faces and it doesn’t really matter which country you are from, to be honest. Its that one person and how can you contribute to the world.”


Source: The Financial Express

Her answer truly represents how beautiful she is inside-out (Though the journalist must have been disappointed for not getting an answer that would create a headline in the news for some days). It’s best to let your inner beauty represent you rather than letting your outer beauty take over you in such a way that you never get to be who you are.

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