Indian Cricketer Manoj Tiwary Foolishly Threatens Rashid Latif For His Response To Sehwag

We are having ICC Champions Trophy 2017 and the epic clash between arch rivals Pakistan and India have already taken place, in fact, it has been a week. If you thought the air is cleared, it’s done and dusted then you probably need to head to the Internet. I’m sure, the fire has not put out as we come across controversies after controversies, drama and weird stuff revolving around the entire epidemic of Pakistan-India and involving some of the popular names. Just one match has caused so much atrocity that you can simply grab popcorns and enjoy every bit of it.

Source: Dunya News

Fans in our noisy neighbors, celebrities, media outlets and what not, simply cannot stop bad mouthing Pakistan and our people. Even after their victory, they would not stop the obsession as new content continues to circulate. It all began when Virender Sehwag passed shambolic comments for Sri Lankan team and ironically got thrashed by them the next day. Rashid Latif from Pakistan nailed the opportunity and broke loose on Sehwag. Then, it followed an epidemic of reactions and comments by people on both lands. Now, a famous cricketer from India has spoken and every word he says will make you feel absolutely absurd.

Here’s the cringeworthy video of Manoj Tiwary mocking Rashid Latif… Try making past this torture!

This video message is for an idiot called Rashid Latif ( Former Pakistan wicket-keeper ) cont…

Gepostet von Manoj Tiwary am Sonntag, 11. Juni 2017

So, this guy absolutely lost it here. He rather makes himself look like an idiot here, I’m sure. Before we consider anything he said, let’s just remember that Manoj Tiwary bhi waqai liquid form mein tha us waqt, as Rashid Latif would say. I’m sure Rashid does not even feel the bite here, rather this guy makes himself look like a lunatic for replying to his comments.

Pakistanis absolutely nailed it with their best reactions on Manoj Tiwary’s idiocy

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Rashid Latif has no idea who Manoj Tiwary is. Let that sink in…

So, Manoj Tiwary absolutely gives us a good laugh here with his stupid antics. God, I love the reactions by Pakistanis. They have absolutely summed up what everyone would probably be thinking about his video. I’m sure, Indians must be having a facepalm moment on it.

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