Here’s The Fascinating Story Of Pakistan’s First Female Sikh Reporter That You Must Know

Here’s The Fascinating Story Of Pakistan’s First Female Sikh Reporter That You Must Know

sikh reporter pakistan

Manmeet Kaur is Pakistan’s first Sikh female journalist. The lady lives in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (KP) province. Manmeet has worked tooth and nail to promote interfaith harmony and peace in Pakistan. Her work shows her will to ensure solidarity and peace amongst interfaith communities. 

The girl from Peshawar is a postgraduate in Social Sciences from Jinnah College for Women. Kaur in her interview shared her captivating story to a news portal.

She says. “When I first started pursuing my dream, my family dissuaded me. They were unsure of sending me to uncharted territory. No one in my family was a part of the media, and for a woman to take that leap was unheard of.”

When the uncle of Manmeet got to know about his family’s perceptions, he advised them and helped Kaur to obtain the most of her education.

sikh reporter pakistan

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She says, “My uncle is a social media aficionado and is an advocate of women’s empowerment. He found my family’s doubts thoroughly regressive.” 

Her work for women empowerment

The Sikh community in Pakistan is mostly involved in the corporate sector. Many of the folks in the community battle illiteracy. There is a dearth of university education of women in the Sikh community; hence, most of them are unemployed. 

Despite the odds, Manmeet stood against all adversities and became a journalist.  

As a journalist, Kaur wants work for the women of Pakistan. She wants to enlighten those deprived of education not only in the Sikh community but to the whole of Pakistan. 

“Everyone should know that women are equally talented as men and my present status will encourage several other community women,” she says.

Before working as Pakistan’s first female Sikh news reporter, Kaur worked in a computer academy for 3 years. As a journalist, Manmeet covers political, religious, and cultural aspects. 

Recently, the journalist has been nominated for a prestigious award in the United Kingdom by the Sikh Community. Kaur is amongst hundred people selected from around the world for her work in journalism. 

Above all, Sikhs and Muslims love each other in the country and across the world. Recently, a Sikh grocery store started giving special discounts during Ramadan. Pakistani Muslims have supported the Sikh journalist in her field and are currently praying for her to get the prestigious award in the UK. 

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