Two Hat Tricks! Manchester Derby Turns Out United’s Nightmare

Manchester Derby

The biggest night in Premier League history, where Manchester United fans’ dream to conquer the Etihad Stadium was shattered by one man who came and left the stadium in his style.

Erlin Haaland, the main monster of the Manchester Derby changed the whole scenario of Manchester Derby in the first half which made the United fans leave the stadium early with big disappointment.

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No one thought, that this would be a one-sided fair where the host demolish the visitors in such a way that no one could avoid it.

Erlin Haaland undoubtedly was inevitable last night and he’s been from the day one he joined the Premier League.

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On the other hand, Kevin De Bryune was an unsung hero who played like a leader in the game and created as many chances as he could.

Manchester City Outnumbered Manchester United

From the kick-off, Manchester City showcased their dominancy with pure class and no one could ignore it. The way Manchester City players were pressing throughout the match, it was astonishing and beautiful to watch.

In the early minutes, Phil Foden broke the deadlock with classic finish and gave his side one goal lead. But that wasn’t enough, few minutes later Haaland with a header doubled the lead and then with a beautiful ball by Kevin tripled the lead.

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Manchester Untied defenders couldn’t defend or hold Haaland back as he’s unstoppable. Before halftime, Phil Foden again scored and both of them need one goal for the hat trick.

In the second, Haaland scored his hat-trick goal and it’s his third consecutive home hat-tricks with a new record.

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In the last few minutes before the end, Foden sealed the game with 6 goals in total and Manchester United managed to score three goals only.

Manchester Derby is one of the biggest rivalries in the Premier League and it does fall in Derbies Diaries.

Pep Guardiola Up In The Sky

Pep Guardiola undoubtedly wants to win every trophy this season especially UEFA Champions League. After the big win, ‘Perfection doesn’t exist, it’s impossible. But we must try to look there,’ Guardiola said. ‘We did well, we can do better. Many, many players made sloppy passes. This is not good. We have to be more consistent.

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‘In some areas we were still not good, the simple things still we are not good enough. We are losing easy balls. We still conceded some actions for the opponent with simple things we were not doing well.’

‘What I like in the last period of the game is he is involved,’ Guardiola added.

‘He said (earlier in the season), “I prefer to touch the ball five times and score five goals”. I don’t like that, I want him to touch the ball more and more.

Source: Manchester Evening News

‘I like that he’s more involved, but don’t forget his biggest talent is to put the ball in the net. He has incredible instincts that the ball will arrive and it comes from his mum and dad, he was born with that.’

Erik Ten Hag

In the post-match conference, everyone wanted to know why Cristiano Ronaldo was included in the match. Why he was on the bench? Erik stated that, “I didn’t bring him on out of respect for his big career”.

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“And the other thing, there was then the advantage I could bring Antony Martial on. He needs the minutes but I don’t want to point it out like that.”

In the last season, Manchester United had the same outcome as the City players and it was heart breaking for the fans. After the match, #ManchesterDerby was trending and tweets flooded all over the place.

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