WATCH: ‘Elitist’ Restaurant Owners In Islamabad Humiliate Manager For Speaking Broken English

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Unsurprisingly, in our country, speaking good English is considered to be the symbol of high caliber. The English language is seen as a benchmark of supremacy in our society that continues to be mentally slave to the western customs and traditions. People judge others based on the standard of ‘English’ they speak rather than their skills and hard work. Something similar can be seen in a video that emerged on Wednesday where the restaurant owner in Islamabad seems to humiliate the Manager for speaking broken English.

The social stigma attached with the limited Pakistani population that had the privilege of attending English medium schools continues taking pride in the language which is not even theirs. This time, they made yet another man a victim to humiliation merely because of his broken English.

cannoli cafe soul
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A video has been making rounds on social media. In it, the owner of a high-end restaurant ‘Cannoli Café Soul’ in Islamabad can be seen giving a dressing down and humiliate the manager for his inability to speak in English. Just because the two women were bored, they decided to call over the restaurant manager to their table and humiliate him as a third person recorded it.

Upon being asked to say a few words in English, the manager said, “Hi, my name is Awais Altaf and I job here manager. That’s it.”

awais restaurant manager
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Hearing him speak broken English, the owners went on to say, “So this is our manager who has been with us for nine years. This is the beautiful English he speaks, and this is what we pay him for.”

Are they paying him the ‘good salary’ that they claim for his English language skills or for his performance? Why would they allow him to work for ‘nine’ years as a manager if he is not doing his job well?

Here is the video

It is just so painful to even watch this. What these women exhibited is a part of the absolutely sickening after-effects of colonialism. As well as the remains of the inferiority complex that the goras instilled in our minds.

Clearly, we judge people based on their language, and not for the skills they have. This is the reason we as a nation can never progress. Language is just for the sake of communication. Even if you can communicate and convey your message to someone in a single word, it is more than enough for them.

The video caused an uproar on social media

The manager may not know English very well, but he certainly has more manners, politeness, and humility than those women. Shaniera Akram shares her two cents on the matter.

Needless to say, English is not the parameter of being educated or better than others in any way. It never was!

There many times when we abashed famous and infamous people for their errors in English fluency. Not only that but we also let them fall prey to malignant cyberbullying. Previously, our people did not even spare a minor girl for trying to speak in English.

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