Private School Fires Teacher Who Smoked In Front Of Students During An Online Class

online classes iba sukkur school

Online classes have indeed become a drag for all Pakistani’s and a large number of students faced all kinds of difficulty while they were imposed on the students during the pandemic outbreak. Although, the students protested and stated their difficulties; many institutions turned a deaf ear to them.

Simultaneously, many students were even charged with strict punishments and got into hot waters for their criticism of the institution’s disregard of their difficulties regarding online classes. Online classes weren’t only difficult for students, but teachers also. From being unable to operate on the system to teaching and disciplining students, and then managing the entire curriculum, teachers were working on a chaotic prospect of their own.

Private school teacher smokes during an online class 

However, it seems that the rule book for online classes is not only operational for condemning students. A Physics teacher who was teaching in Hyderabad school also got fired for his extremely unethical action! Every day, during his online class session with students, this man used to continue teaching the students while smoking.

In addition, he used to smoke while teaching at a girl’s school. Not only, was it disturbing rather, but it also made almost every student feel distracted throughout the session.

online classes iba sukkur school

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Finally, after receiving a series of complaints, this private school has decided to fire the teacher for his unethical and immoral actions.

The management mentions that they completely condemn the action; hence, Mr. Muhammad Shairoz is no longer going to be a part of the PSH; for his negligence and violation of the school’s basic norms and ethical practices.

The management firing the teacher a wise decision?

Out of retrospect, it does make us wonder, at least IBA Sukkur managed to listen to the complaints and take action on the matter. Unlike many institutions that have started to expel their own students after hearing any such issue that may be affecting them or even regarding online classes.

Dear students, teachers and parentsAttention please!Our priority is to provide a safe and secure environment and…

Gepostet von Public School Hyderabad Managed by Sukkur IBA University-SIBAU am Dienstag, 21. Juli 2020

We hope that this allows students and faculty members both to be cautious of their actions and to make sure that they understand the importance of classroom etiquette and make sure to follow them. It is understandable that the entire context of the pandemic and lockdown has made us confused, frustrated, and confined us from living our routine lives. However, one should never ignore or nullify their basic ethical values.

Some think that the teacher should’ve been given a notice period or a show-cause notice for his actions. However, some might disagree. What is right, what is wrong? It’s all a muddled-up mystery now, to say the least.

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