This Man Wants to Travel from Karachi to Hyderabad and Needs Your Help For His Dream to Come True!

There is so much evil going on in the world. There are kids being tortured, women being killed and climate condition of the world eroding. Like someone on the internet wrote that the world is probably coming to an end. Despite how much time we have left on the earth, there are still a few good things we can do, isn’t that right?

So if you are willing to play a small part in making someone’s day, here’s something you can do.

Sania Fatima Shared the Wish of Her Father On Twitter

It is not an expensive wish, but something that would make the day of an old man. Sania shared that her father has grown fond of trains and wishes to travel in one; from Karachi to Hyderabad. However, the family cannot afford it.

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Here’s what she posted:

Okay so.
Long long long shot.
Please read carefully.

My father has developed an intense obsession with trains and railways. We live in Nazimabad but he’d travel to cantt and sit there and watch trains arriving and leaving and engines attaching and detaching. He is the most innocent, adorable and a pure soul. He has a wish. He wants to travel in the station master cabin from Karachi to Hyderabad.
This is literally his biggest wish right now.
He’s very sick and has been through every Medical treatment and I wanna do this for him.
Can any one help in any way?

Anyone’s relatives or acquaintances in railway?

It’s his birthday in a week.
Can we please do this for my father?
Any leads? Anything?

Here’s the link to the tweet:

And Here’s the Profile of Sania Fatima If You Want to Help her

If you can make the dream of Sania’s father come true, kindly contact her to the earliest. It might not mean anything significant to you, but it could make someone really happy.

Wishing Sania and her father all the very best.

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