Terrifying Video Shows Man Trying To Open Plane’s Door Mid-Air While Passengers Watch In Terror

man open plane door mid air

In a shocking incident, passengers had to overpower a man trying to open a plane door mid-air in an apparent bid to take the flight down.

A Delta Air Lines flight from Los Angeles International Airport to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport diverted to Oklahoma City after an unruly passenger attacked flight attendants and threatened to take down the plane.

man flight open door
Image: CN Traveler

The man repeatedly shouted that he would “take the plane down”. Moreover, he assaulted two female flight attendants, a spokesperson for Oklahoma City Police Department told local media. The entire episode was captured on camera, showing passengers taking down the unruly attendant.

The aircraft had to make an emergency landing in Oklahoma City after the incident. Subsequently, the off-duty flight attendant was taken into custody. A video surfaced on Saturday morning showing passengers scrambling to restrain a man during his attempt to open the cabin door mid-flight.

Image: Fortune

In the video, a number of passengers can be seen tackling the man who is trying to open the plane door mid-air. The latter, according to a tweet by a passenger on board the flight, made an announcement. He warned everyone to stay close to their oxygen masks before trying to open the door. There was then a call for “strong men” to the front of the craft to restrain the man. The incident shocked the netizens after the video began making rounds on social media.

Take a look at the video!

A 29-year-old passenger on the flight told CNN that the aircraft was roughly two hours outside of Atlanta when the incident occurred. “I feared the worst,” he said. “I prayed that God would protect my family in case I was gone.” Fortunately, no crewmember or passenger was hurt during the incident, the report added.

The passengers succeeded in restraining the man. In addition, the law enforcement removed him after the plane landed in Oklahoma City, according to local reports. The local police department took him into custody. Later, they transported him to a nearby hospital after complaining of chest pains.

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Story Courtesy: Khaleej Times

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