Pakistani Man Impressed By Exceptional Hospitality, COVID-19 Measures Of PIA

COVID-19 Experience Islamabad Airport

With the resumption of several flights, Pakistan aims to fly home nationals stranded in different parts of the word due to the coronavirus pandemic. Strictly adhering to the prevention strategies, officials at the country’s airports are making sure to keep a check on the arriving and departing passengers.

With the evident increase in coronavirus cases, the authorities at the airport have tightened the security protocol to keep control. The arriving passengers are thoroughly checked and are constantly reminded to keep their distance while leaving. Providing a more elaborative picture is this Pakistani man who recently came back from Toronto to Islamabad with his mother.

Check out the reaction of arriving passengers in Pakistan

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Gepostet von Ahmad A Saleh am Samstag, 4. April 2020

The deadly coronavirus has till now infected more than 3,000 people in Pakistan and the number is still increasing. However, the Pakistani government is garnering praise for their commendable efforts in fighting the disease.

Meet Ahmed Saleh who was recently shocked to see how smoothly the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) looked after the passengers and ensured tightens protocols for coronavirus screening at the Islamabad airport.

‘Spread the word, praise my country’ combatting COVID-19

Ahmed Saleh, a Pakistani citizen, recently landed at the Islamabad airport. From his entry into the airport till the time he checked into his room, Saleh was super happy to see the preparedness of the national airline amid coronavirus. Sharing his delightful experience on Facebook, he then explained his whole journey. He couldn’t resist sharing his experience with family and friends on Facebook. Here’s what he had to say.

1. Upon landing at Islamabad airport, all the passengers were told to sit within the departure lounge of the gate the plane taxied and swab tests were done for each and every passenger. The passengers were issued a lab client ID against their CNIC. The reports are expected to be in within 24 hours.

2. After the swab test, we took the temperature test with two different devices at two different spots before the passport control.

3. Once done, we moved to passport control, got our entry stamps and then to the carousel for baggage pickup.

4. After picking up our luggage, we were directed, in groups of tens, to various buses to drop us at a hotel.

5. We got the Regalia hotel in G6 (Blue Area, Islamabad). My mom and myself are given separate rooms, a protocol to ensure for all the travelers.

6. Chicken curry, roti (flatbread) and salad served for dinner.

COVID-19 Experience Islamabad Airport

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Ahmed is now PIA’s permanent client for future travel as he declared it at the end of his post. He wants everyone to share his story and get a sense of what is happening on the ground amid the COVID-19 outbreak in the country.

As per the latest report, the recovery rate of coronavirus is much higher than deaths in Pakistan. Ahmed’s post also sums up the diligent work happening in Pakistan to keep control of the virus.

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