Man Shoots Sister Dead For Talking To Neighbour In Rare Honor Killing Case In Karachi

man sister life honor

Social issues have become a devastating turning point in the society of Pakistan. Perhaps it is the in-built patriarchal values that have started to dull the minds of man in the society or the possibility of stress, frustration, and anger; but it seems that with each passing day, life threatens to take an even worse turn, especially when it comes women.

When we talk about social issues, the practice of ‘honor killing’ is something concretely built in the minds of Pakistanis. May you live in the dunes of rural Thar, or the fine posh areas of the cities like Karachi. Honor-killings are becoming common day by day. Sad isn’t it? Killing sisters, mothers, and daughters for the sake of a petty honor in society. For the sake of minor justification and honor; that may even deprive one of peace and give birth to restlessness for the rest of their life.

man sister life honor

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A similar incident took place in one of the poshest cities of Karachi, Clifton; where a man shot his sister in the name of honor, for talking to a neighbor. According to reports, the suspect, Hasnain Qamar shot his 19-year-old sister NoorUl – Huda in the city’s Marine Drive, Clifton Block 2.

The poor victim was immediately taken to Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre for the treatment of her wound, however, she was pronounced dead on arrival. According to the executive director Dr. Seemin Jamal of JPMC, poor NoorUL – Huda received a bullet to the head and died immediately.

Qamar accepts his crime!

The suspect is now in police custody and has also accepted his crime. During the investigation, he also revealed the weapon and reason for killing his sister. He states that since his sister talked to their neighbor, it became a matter of honor for him and he killed her for it. The weapon he used to commit this crime, belonged to his late father.

He admits that since his sister used to have on and off interactions with the next-door boy, it infuriated him, learning about their consistent interactions from their younger brother, angered him to a point that he shot her in the head and she died on the spot.

He also mentions that he doesn’t feel any form of guilt for his actions. It is truly heartbreaking to see the practice of honor killing, no matter where one belongs. A few years back, we saw internet sensation, Qandeel Baloch becoming a victim of honor killing as well.

It is the misogynistic mindset that pushes men to feel superior and kill women’s rights in the wake. Albeit, the fact that men have all forms of things to say about ‘aurat march’, however, in the society that we live in today, it seems that while every day passes by, out a total 1 in 3 women become a victim to this torment every day!

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