Man Sues Former Employer Over ‘Boring Job’ That Made Him Depressed

Boring job

We can hear you. A lot of you must be thinking, man, this is me! Aren’t most of us stuck in thankless jobs that we never wanted and yet, we have to grin and bear it. Some people find it difficult to continue and some, just cannot take it. So they quit.

A case of ‘boring job’

A French man was recently given $45,000 after he sued his employer for making him do a boring that made him depressed. Frederic Desnard, was associated with a Parisian perfumery as a manager until 2015. He sued the company because his job was boring.

The 48-year-old man not only won the case but also got compensation. How cool is this!

Image: Daily Mail

Desnard’s bizarre case became viral in 2016. He sued French perfumery Interparfum for $400,000. According to media reports, he claimed the company also sent him on holiday for some months and later used his absence as a  ground to fire him.

The court ruled that Desnard suffered from “bore out”. It is the reverse of burnout, where an employee is overworked.

Final verdict

His lawyer maintained a lack of motivation at work had left Desnard feeling “destroyed” and “ashamed”.

“I went into depression. I was ashamed to be paid to do nothing. The worse part of it was denying this suffering,” Desnard told AFP in 2016.

Setting up the CEO’s tablet or letting the plumber in were the tasks that Desnard was asked to do. They were not only demeaning but also inhumane and rude. Meanwhile, the company argued Desnard had not complained about his boring job ever.

Whatever the case may be, one thing is for sure, Desnard didn’t deserve to be treated so poorly. After all, work without love is slavery. And ironically enough, what may have started as a joke for many has now become the first such verdict in France. WOW! It can be a thing in the future certainly. The real question is how many Pakistani employers are about to get sued next. Hmm?

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Story Credit: The Telegraph

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