This Brutal Accident from Karachi Shows Why People Need to Park Their Cars Correctly

Karachi being a metropolitan city is always in a happening state, people living here have come to terms to live with this. However, sometimes they get a little edgy around the corners, considering that there are certain times when they are in a messy state of mind. This video that’s trending all over Facebook shows a man who cannot reverse his car because of another car, blocking his way by the gate. In order to get his way, he smashed the car that was blocking it.

This incident happened near High Court, Metropole in Karachi. If you listen to the video closely, you can interpret the man saying that it had an emergency and that he needed to get to the hospital immediately.

The video could be seen in a different light if one understands the fact that the guy was really in a hurry to get to the hospital and was not even in the normal state of mind to interpret things clearly. You have to give the guy the benefit of doubt here. His agitation can easily be seen in this clip. Hence, instead of waiting for the other person to arrive and pull his car away, he just smashed it all the way through.

On the other hand, the guy who parked his car in front of a gate was seemingly more at fault. Considering the fact that he should have given it a thought that his misplacement of parking his car might be an inconvenience to others. Despite this, it can also be said that perhaps he too, was in a hurry to get somewhere and parked his car there without giving it a second thought.

Nonetheless, people should be a little more considerate and more importantly a tad more tolerant. Everyone has their personal issues but the key is to remain patient and thoughtful towards their fellow citizens. As long as we think a little bit before putting others in an inconvenient situation, the world would become a better place to breathe in.

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