‘Maine Skirt Pehni Hui Hai?’ – Reporter Grills Man Who Says Women Wear Skirts & That’s Why They Get Raped

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Despite the country’s severe punishments for sexual abuse — including castration, life imprisonment, and the death penalty — sex offenders keep molesting women and children, and case numbers are climbing. But is it the victim to be blamed for the rape? A video clip emerged on social media where a man blames the clothes of the victim such as a skirt to be the cause of rape of women, talking to a reporter.

Each time the victim of sexual violence gets asked what they were wearing, it heartlessly implies that he or she was responsible for the assault and could have prevented it. Needless to say, blaming the rape victim drives responsibility away from a perpetrator and puts it on the victim’s shoulders.

Women’s wardrobes have long been used as an excuse for sex crimes. So, it is not too surprising that some women who are victims of harassment or other types of sex crimes second-guess their clothing. Sadly, this simply transfers the responsibility of control and power from the perpetrator to the victim.

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In the video clip, a reporter interviewed a man on the street and asked him about his views on the cause of rape. In response, the shameless man points out her clothing, and unapologetically says, “If women will go out in public dressed like this, it is bound to happen.”

Boldly, the reporter replied, “This dressing? What is wrong with my dressing?” To this, the man said, “I am telling you if you come out dressed like this. Dressed in skirts, you fan the flames of lust.”

Shameless Pakistani man defends the sexual offenders

“What are we being shown in TV serials?” added the man. The reporter cuts him off and asks, “Talk about real life. How many girls in Pakistan do you see walking around in skirts?”

While answering her question, with no shame, he responds, “Go to any college or university, you will find out yourself.”

In addition to this, the reporter brings up the topic of how a two-year-old girl is responsible for her rape? And, then he was speechless. How truly sickening is this mentality? Not only this but he also misbehaves with the woman and verbally abuses her.

Watch the video here:

Obscenity is so ingrained in their minds that they even fear to look at the women of their house. Do girls that go to madrasas wear skirts? Do boys who get raped wear skirts? And, what about toddlers? This man had no shame saying that men would rape women because they wear skirts while continuously abusing a reporter, sick!


From sexually abusing an 11-year-old girl in her own house to the Imam of a mosque raping children in Lahore for 15 years, even clerics are the handiest in this perversion. Hence, it is not the clothing, but the mindset.

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