Man Raped In Peshawar By A Taxi driver

Every time we hear the word sexual violence, the very first thing that comes to mind is *woman* but now this is not the case. Gone are the days when only women were afraid of getting sexually abused.


Recently, a man has been raped by a Taxi driver near Ring Road, Peshawar. The victim stopped at a CNG pump where the Taxi driver came and forced him out of the car. He took the man to an empty plot and raped him. The victim is around 20 years old and was found to be a resident of Karkhano Market. The victim filed an FIR with Pishtakhara Police against the Taxi driver who was later identified as Minhaj, a resident of Landi Akhun Ahmad. The Police registered the case immediately whereas the victim has been sent for medical examination.


Rape is a fundamental problem in Pakistan which needs to be resolved. Rape isn’t just about body; it has more to do with your mind. It troubles your mind and your daily lives. Many people end this journey on suicide and self-harm, which is really the worst option. Steps need to be taken to 0vercome this.

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