“My Son Was Born Deaf & Mute, I Started Protecting The Quran, He Started Speaking & Hearing!”

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Religion and its complexities, for centuries, have remained a topic of debate. In Pakistan, religion holds grave importance. The Holy Quran considered as the complete code of life that is held in the highest regard.

Ever wondered what happens to the torn leaves and copies of the sacred book, the Holy Quran? Not only that but used copies of newspapers carrying the sacred names of the Almighty and other religious verses. Our friend from Daily Pakistan, Yasir Shami caught up with a man who claims his life has seen a miracle like no other.

Meet Muhammad Boota, a man who has been protecting the sacred scripture of the Holy Quran for 22 years. Boota once had a lot of money, but never contention at heart. His son was born deaf and mute, something that hurt him every day.

To try and find a solution, Boota once visited a Peer who asked him to start collecting and protecting the scripture of the Holy Quran, which was being disregarded. From that day, Boota started collecting all such pieces of important scripture and protecting the Holy Quran.

As days went on and Boota collected torn copies of the Quran, newspaper leftovers with Holy scriptures and other pieces of importance, he started seeing the change in his life. Boota was doing all this fee-sabeel-illah (for no monetary return). He would go door to door for such items and then place them in a well at a graveyard, where they would be safe.

Quran’s miracle and Boota’s story

As life went on, Boota’s son started hearing and talking, without any medical help. This, in itself, was the biggest miracle. Not only that, after 22 years of protecting the Holy Quran, today, Boota’s son talks and hears like a normal person.

Moreover, his son is now set to be a ‘big man’ as Boota claims. Boota’s son is in his final semester at Punjab University doing his bachelor’s in Textile Designing. From owning a big SUV to now riding a bike, Boota says he sacrificed a lot for the sake of protecting the Holy Quran. However, he has zero regrets.

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This story might sound unbelievable to many, but Boota’s life and how his son turned out is nothing short of a miracle. However, if you’re a believer, this story is a harsh reminder of this world being a setting stage for the hereafter.

Muhammad Boota spent 22 years of his life protecting the Quran and securing it. The claims he made of how people treat such scriptures is shocking, but his heart and story prove that if your faith is strong, the Almighty is there to help you.

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