Man Tragically Mourns The Lives Of His Wife And Children In PK-8303 Plane Crash

Man Tragically Mourns The Lives Of His Wife And Children In PK-8303 Plane Crash

Pakistan pk-8303 airplane crash

Airplane crashes are not only heartbreaking and horrifying rather they just leave a big void of trauma and devastation in their wake. The same was the case when the tragic incident of PK-8303 crash occurred on 22nd May 2020. About 97 people lost their lives out of a total of 100 passengers including the crew.

The man who lost everything

The devastating incident took the lives of many.  From young children to newly married couples to so many more. Families of all those that lost lives have been still mourning over the loss of their dear ones. A young man, Arif Iqbal Faruqi lost everything. He didn’t only lose his wife, but also his beloved three children. Heartbreaking isn’t it? To know that it takes just less than a minute for life to end, just due to minor complications and negligence.

However, things do not get easy when the respective institution isn’t taking the matter with as much interest as one should. PIA’s investigation report held the pilot and the air traffic controller responsible. Although, PIA is firing up to 150  pilots that cheated on their test and failed. Hence, their licenses have been suspended.

Arif Iqbal Faruqi claims that he will not let the lives of his beloved family go to waste. He is angered and broken to see how the state-owned airline has taken a short route by simply canceling the license of 150 pilots. He doesn’t see this act as a form of justice, rather he calls out the management and feels that they are murderers. Shouldn’t the idea of canceling license be taken before such a drastic outcome?

How negligence can change one’s life

This isn’t the first air crash in Pakistan and PK-8303 airplane crash was not only horrifying but gruesome, to say the least. As a whole it makes us realize, how a minor act of irresponsibility can cause so much harm and trauma in one’s life. Mr. Arif Iqbl Faruqi might not live life the way he used to. He might never trust PIA again.

He tweeted a while back:

As he tweeted, many people have come on Twitter to support him at such a dark period in his life. His tweet is going viral and many more are coming to support him and offer him condolences.

And we understand Mr. Faruqi. We can’t say we completely understand your pain, but we assure you that Allah is here and He will never leave His men in misery. We pray that you stay strong and may Allah give you the patience to overcome your grief. It is truly heartbreaking to see a child of your own die, but what you are going through is indeed traumatic. We stand with you and we truly support you.

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