What! Man Marries A Wooden 'Bride' As Part Of His Father's Last Wish

What! Man Marries A Wooden ‘Bride’ As Part Of His Father’s Last Wish

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A man was married to a wooden effigy with elaborate rituals in a bizarre wedding that took place in Uttar Pradesh on Wednesday.

It was not just the wedding was bizarre but also the reason was quite strange. His 90-year-old father’s reason for arranging such a match for his son was shocking. “I have nine sons, eight of them are married. The youngest one has no property and is not intelligent enough, so I got him married to an effigy,” Shiv Mohan told an Indian news agency.

Reports say according to relatives, this was the old man’s last wish.

The wooden bride was decked in red silk and flowers and every Indian wedding ritual were performed. A priest was also present to solemnize the marriage. Reports say Shiv Mohan was insistent that all his sons must be married before he dies.

This is not the first time in India that a bizarre ritual was followed. Earlier, a five-year-old boy was brutally beheaded during the human sacrifice ritual in Andhra Pradesh. Also, in Pakistan unfortunately, there are several embarrassing rituals followed at weddings. We really need to educate our people if we want our future generations to live in peace.


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