Indian Man Leaves 90-Year-Old Mother For Dead In The Jungle Due To Coronavirus

man mother covid-19 jungle

The global pandemic COVID-19 is making people feel both shocked and in a turbulent state of worry. From having to face with a countless number of deaths, and affected patients, people have begun to fall victim to misery and pain. As shocking and devastating the life might be as of now; you will not believe how this man left his 90 years old mother in the jungle!

In Aurangabad Maharashtra, a man fled after throwing his feeble, old, and weak 90-years-old mother in the jungle because she was diagnosed with COVID-19. The nearly half-dead woman was discovered by the Forest Department and urgently taken to a hospital nearby so that she could be treated.

After bearing conscience, the woman disclosed that since she was tested positive for COVID-19, her son instead of getting her treatment, threw her in the forest and fled.

man mother covid-19 jungle

Image: AFP

A case is now registered against the son and the search for the son has already begun. The police reports also suggest that old women became a victim of torment in the jungle for about an hour. However, luckily she is now rescued and getting the treatment in the district hospital.

Humanity dies again

Media reports are also indicating that the family wasn’t ready or willing to get their old mother treated after she was diagnosed of COVID-19, which is why her son, wrapped her up in a cloth and left her in the jungle to fight her own war.

An even more heartbreaking plot in the story is that patients of COVID-19 are treated with the same angst. Even after death, they are not provided with the last rites due to the fear of getting infected with the virus.

man mother covid-19 jungle

Saddening isn’t it?  This ill-treatment of old parents isn’t only limited to India. A while back a Pakistani man beat his mother brutally over an inheritance feud!

Is this what we have become? Is this what the true face of humanity is now? Or have we completely lost the essence of humanity, under the essence of money, lust, and pride.

The world has become a sad state of affairs and we are losing the beauty of humanity every day, without any regard for these emotions that are oh so beautiful. The bond between a parent and their child; is something beautiful and sacred. And to see it breaking due to lust, money or any other trivial thing is shocking indeed.

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In the end, we hope that this poor old woman gets the justice she deserves and the son is punished for his insensitive and inhumane approach towards his own mother. We also pray that such brutalities end we all become better human beings filled and driven by spirituality and love.

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