Extremely Sad! Man In Swat Killed Her Wife In Front Of Child

Man In Swat Kills Her Wife In Front Of Child

At Banar Chowk in Mingora, Swat, on Tuesday, a man killed his wife in front of her young son.

According to Dawn, the victim, a lady named Naila Bibi, had filed a complaint against her husband, Akhtar Ali, demanding a divorce from him. The mother and her son were on their way to court when Ali opened fire on them.

Man Killed His Wife In Swat

Man Kills His Wife In Swat - Parhlo.com

According to the statements of the witnesses, Akhtar Ali hid behind a building and waited for the victim to pass through Banar Chowk before opening fire. Naila Bibi passed away there and there.

The shocking revelation was brought to light after a horrifying photograph that had been shot by witnesses and circulated on social media went viral. In the photo, a little child can be seen sobbing next to the body of his mother, who was bleeding.

The gunman was taken into custody by the police when they reacted to the event. Ali has furthermore been the subject of a First Information Report (FIR), and an inquiry has been opened.

According to the police, Naila Bibi filed for divorce because her husband was abusive to her and she wanted out of the relationship because of it.

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