Man Performs Tawaaf Of The Holy Kaaba ‘Alone’ Fulfilling His 20-Year-Old Dream

Man Dream Tawaaf Alone

It is miraculous how a man dreamt of performing tawaaf alone when 20 years later, he actually performed tawaaf of the holy Kaaba alone because of Coronavirus restrictions. It seems this is the reason why people that we must always dare to dream big.

How did the story take place?

20 years ago this luckiest man on earth, whose identity is not known, went for Hajj. He had a dream in Masjid Al Khaif in Mina. He searched for an interpreter. They led him to the scholars. One of the scholars was Sheikh Mohammad Al-Rumi. When Sheikh Mohammad Al-Rumi heard his dream. He interpreted it by telling him that one day he will make tawaaf of the Kaaba all alone.


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It means that he will circumambulate the house of Allah all alone. At that time when he made this interpretation, many doubted it and thought it cannot be possible. “How can the whole of tawaaf stop exclusively for me?” the man thought. Many years passed to this incident when so many scholars gave their suspicion on this interpretation and little did they know, the situation became in that man’s favor.

The only time Coronavirus doesn’t seem so bad

After all these years, just before Ramadan the coronavirus situation got so bad that the authorities of Saudi Arabia had to limit the population to the point of completely refusing everyone at all. This man went for the Hajj and as we can see in the image, he did perform tawaf all alone.

Very recently, Sheikh Ahmad Al-Khudayr, one of his friends who shared the news, saying how his friend’s dream literally came true.

Indeed, this life is unpredictable. Things we only imagine sometimes come true. And what else we learn from this incident is how our dreams actually have a meaning. Sometimes we can’t interpret it right, sometimes we can. Only some people believe in miracles, many don’t. It is miraculous how this worked out for this man who dreamt of a Holy dream and saw it come true in life.

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