Man Divorces Wife On A Running Train & Leaves Her With Three Children

Man Divorces Wife On A Running Train & Leaves Her With Three Children

There is no humanity left in people these days. The so-called Islamic society is turning into a jungle with no rules, no laws, and powerful crushing the poor and helpless. We have come across a horrific incident that has put all of us to shame. This story of a man will tell you about how someone can be so cruel and inhumane to his own family.

Sarim Burney Trust, who is a shelter home for many poor has shared a story of a man who left his wife and three children on a running train.

A poor couple who belongs to Gujranwala was traveling to Karachi when the husband handed over the divorce paper to his wife and left her in a running train. The poor woman somehow reached the Burney Trust with the help of a rickshaw driver.

While narrating the incident, the woman said that her husband was taking the family to Karachi but at Rohri station when the train stopped for a while, he asked her to hold these papers [divorce papers] and left. He told her that he was coming back in a while but he didn’t come back. Later, the other passengers on the train told the woman that these were divorce papers.

The woman reached Karachi Cantt station from where a rickshaw driver helped her to reach Sarim Burney Trust. She also told Burney that he wanted to divorce her for a long time.

“He used to beat me in public, with rods, belts, or anything he comes across with. Also, he threatened me to kill me several times. He also used to beat his children too,” she said.

Burney also shared that the children had been treated badly by his own father. They had bruises all over the body and were suffering from some severe allergy.

تمہیں سفر کے دوران طلاق دونگا۔۔۔اورپھر اس نے وہی کیا | صارم برنی ٹرسٹ

چلتی ٹرین میں طلاق نامہ تھما کر اسٹیشن پر اتر گیا میں انتظار کرتی رہی لیکن نہیں آیا۔ ٹرین میں لوگوں نے بتایا کہ یہ طلاق نامہ ہے۔ آخر کار کراچی لانڈھی کے اسٹیشن پر اُتر گئی اور رکشے والے نے صارم برنی ٹرسٹ آکر چھوڑا۔ میں رکشے والے بھائی کی انتہائی شکر گزار ہوں۔ گچرانوالہ کی رہائشی عورت کی کہانی۔ شئیر کریں اور آگاہی پھیلائیں۔

Gepostet von Sarim Burney Trust International am Mittwoch, 1. Juli 2020


Pakistan is ‘sadly’ a male-dominated society

Such people should be given grave punishment and there should be a law to protect the rights of women. Pakistan is a men dominated society, where men are the primary authority figures and women, are subordinate. This has serious implications on women’s and men’s life prospects.

Women routinely faced serious restrictions, abuse, and limitations of autonomy. However, the attainment of higher levels of education especially for women is an agent towards change. Women are often subjected to violence and keep waiting for justice to be served.

Every few days, we come across the news of domestic abuse on women. It is not only prevailing in poor class but also in the elite class where men find themselves superior over their partner.


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