Unbelievably, A Man Was Caught Selling Sex Toys Publicly In Lahore On Valentine’s Day!

To Valentine’s or not to Valentine’s, that was the question on 14th February in Pakistan. In a very first case, a man was caught selling sex toys in Lahore on Valentine’s Day. After celebrations were banned by the Islamabad High Court, the man who has been arrested is definitely out of business for good now.

In Pakistan, sexual promotion is considered as a taboo and rightly so. Our country’s ideology bars us from all such salvations of public utility that may promote ‘fahashi’ in our society. Unbelievably, the man who has now been arrested was in business selling sex toys for a long while.

Source: thestarphoenix.com

Source: thestarphoenix.com

In Lahore’s Chauburji area, Farmanul Haq, a 25-year-old B.Com student was seen selling sexy toys in public, waving his products in the air so people would stop and buy them. Apparently, he was selling sex toys for men and women both, with the items ranging up to Rs.4000. According to Farman himself, he had been earning great profits through his items for a while now and they were famous within the community.

“He had come here to sell one toy to a male customer for which he had was demanding Rs4,000 … these were his own words when the police caught him red-handed,” a source told Pakistani newspaper Express Tribune.

The sex toys were being sold in Lahore for over six months and were being supplied from Karachi. Which means that there are other operators in the country who are selling sex toys behind closed doors as well. It is also pertinent to add here that selling of such objects is against the law of Pakistan. Under section 292-C (selling obscene material), a person can be sent to jail for 3 months, while selling obscene material to underage citizens can send a person to prison for 6 months.

Source: after5catalog.com

Source: after5catalog.com

The man was arrested on the spot with 31 sex toys in his backpack, along with 24 rechargeable batteries for the toys. The racket of selling sex toys in Pakistan is being carried out through social media, where people make orders and get their deliveries made.

It seems that this is the first case registered against this particular offense, but the business has been going on in all the cities of Pakistan.

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