Man Behind The ‘Kiss And Run Prank’ Video Issues An Apology And It Is Absolutely Bizarre

When the supposedly ‘hilarious’ video of Pakistan version of Kiss and Run came out, one couldn’t believe his or her eyes. The video started with the guy saying, “shooting such a video in Pakistan was indeed a difficult task, but we made it happen” as if it was some sort of an achievement.

Be it Pakistan or any other country, the Kiss and Run “prank” is extremely cheap and low-standard to even laugh it. However, this YouTuber tried to pull it off in Karachi and it had a massive outrage from the country.

In Case You Didn’t See It Before, Here’s the Video

You won’t find it on YouTube anymore because of the page behind it, Humanitarians, who recently removed it. In addition to removing the video from their YouTube and Facebook page, the guy also issued an apology and we can’t really tell what he means.

Because of the backlash it received, the guy made a sane move of removing the video from all the platforms, but that doesn’t really show that he is sorry for what he did.

In his apology video, he kept praising himself on being the ‘bigger man’ and owning up to his mistake. “I am on social media, on camera, asking for forgiveness, it is a huge deal for me.”

Just Look at his Nerve!

He then mentioned how he doesn’t take any responsibility if someone else uploads the video because he has removed it from all the platforms.

He finished the video of apologizing to people and then mentioned how he will keep his content simple from no one.

Here’s the Link to the Video:

What’s done is done – but let’s hope it doesn’t start some sort of a trend in Pakistan where people can make such absurd videos and feel they can get away with it by just apologizing.

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