WATCH: Man Beats & Tortures Little Cub On Camera For Sick Entertainment

Man Beats Tortures Lion Cub

Earlier, a video emerged on TikTok in which a man could be seen beating and torturing a lion cub while dragging it with its collar chain. You can also hear the cub’s heart-wrenching cries in the video. It sparked outrage on social media with several prominent personalities calling for the cub to be rescued.

Rampant abuse of animals is indeed a sad reflection on our society, especially when its greatest targets for causing misery are those who cannot fight back, those who have no voice to speak out against brutality.

lion cub torture
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Lion cubs belong in their natural habitat, where they can live free lives and express their natural behavior. Even the stress of captivity in zoos or circuses takes an enormous toll on their health.

Nonetheless, lions and cubs are sometimes kept as pets by misinformed individuals. They believe that the animals can be “tamed” enough to become a regular household companion like a cat or dog.

It seems every new day, humanity dies a little more – while we claim to be pseudo-intellectuals and educated. A video of a man who brutally beats and tortures a poor little lion cub will not only make your guts shrink but also twist and turn. One can only imagine the monstrous and sinister nature of the abuser.

Here is the gut-wrenching video

WARNING: Some viewers may find the content of this video disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised.

Do you see the horror and helplessness on the cub’s face?

As per Niazi’s claims, the torturer is either a servant or secretary of the PML-N workers who own the cub. Moreover, they use lions and cubs on PML-N rallies.

Unfortunately, by owning a license in Pakistan you can buy, sell or import lions and tigers and do whatever you want to do to them. There are many cases of abuse where lion cubs and tiger cubs are tortured by the owners. They declaw them, beat them, cage them, take their teeth out and later use them for breeding and then sell the cubs for money.

Lahore-based JFK Animal Rescue And Shelter also urged the government to stop licensing wild animals to individuals privately. Moreover, it initiated an online petition for this purpose and urged people to raise their voices for these animals. 

Although the pandemic has halted their usage in political rallies, many people are seen torturing them for TikTok and videos. In fact, many times lions and cubs are also sedated and used as props.

There is legislation in Pakistan for the prevention of cruelty to animals. However, these laws are never implemented, and animal cruelty rises in the country.

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