Have Malik Riaz’s Daughters Secretly Left Pakistan After Uzma Khan Scandal?

malik riaz daughters

Business tycoon, Malik Riaz’s daughters have been recently named and shamed for instigating violence on actress Uzma Khan. Now, as per the latest buzz, both the daughters have flown out of Pakistan after facing continuous bashing on social media.

Actress Uzma Khan accused Riaz’s family members of physical and sexual violence. She has also filed an official complaint against them. In her recent press conference, she also revealed that Riaz’s family member Usman Malik [who has been linked with her for an extramarital affair] proposed to her but she refused his offer.

On the other hand, after all the fiasco, Usman’s wife Amna Malik has also announced a divorce with him.

Riaz’s daughters have been facing severe criticisms on social media for misusing their power. No mainstream media is giving coverage to the incident due to some ‘unknown pressure’. Seems like daughters (Amber and Pashmeena) couldn’t handle all the bashing and flew away from Pakistan. They have reportedly moved to London to find a safe haven for them.

Uzma as well as her legal counsel Hassaan Niazi also lashes out at the police authorities and government for not taking any action against them.

Many people are also questioning the government and media about how privileged people are getting away from all the laws without being questioned.

However, we aren’t sure if Riaz’s daughters have actually flown away from Pakistan or not but if it’s true the power has been misused again. Despite all the restrictions on flight operations, it has raised yet another question on the government.


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