Maldives Bans Israeli Passports Holder Over War on Gaza

Maldives Bans Israeli Passports Holder Over War on Gaza

The Maldives government has banned Israel from entering Maldives. President Mohamed Muizzu took the steps with the rise in protest of the Maldives citizens. The protest forced the government to make such a drastic decision.

Israel has killed many Palestinians since 7th October, amounting to 36,439 killed, with 82,627 wounded.

Maldives’ relation to Israel is not consistent. The Maldives banned Israeli tourist in the 1990s and reestablished their relations in 2010.

The normalization process stopped after the toppling of President Mohamed Nasheed in February 2012.

Maldives is not the only country to ban Israel’s entry. The list includes Bangladesh, Brunei, Iraq, Iran, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Pakistan, Syria, Yemen, and Saudi Arabia.

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The Israeli foreign minister has directed their citizen in Maldives, to leave the country immediately. The Foreign Minister has pointed out the problems the citizens and the government of Israel may face if citizens do not act immediately.

Data reveals Israel’s tourists amounted to 0.6 percent of the total tourists traveling to the island nation in 2023. Israel’s 0.6% has further decreased by 88% in the first four months of 2024.

Maldives already faces a problem with its tourist industry. The island nation is sinking with rising sea levels, an estimation indicates that Maldives may disappear by 2030.

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