Someone just asked if Malala Yousufzai has a Boyfriend and People had the Best Answers!

Malala Yousufzai is internationally known and she’s respected for her work. Malala after the tragic accident that took place in Pakistan, left the country for her surgery. Since then, she’s been living outside the country and now she is in the UK for her studies. She is studying at the Oxford University after she received invitations from different universities.

Malala is the youngest Nobel Prize Laureate and activist for female education. People are really curious about her life in UK right now and want to know every bit of it. Since she has now become a celebrity, people want to have a glimpse of what’s going on in her life. Somebody asked a question on Quora regarding Malala which made us go hmm…

Here is the question:

“Does Malala Yousafzai have a boyfriend?”

And the answer to it will definitely put you into some thinking!

I will quote the question details in case they get edited later. The details in question were very interesting:

“Now that she is living like a normal girl in UK. Like all other girls there, is she having a boyfriend? Or is she denied of that privilege to continue being a tool of propaganda?”

From the question (and the details you have mentioned), it is pretty clear that it does not matter to you what the answer of this question really is. You are a passionate Malala hater, and your hatred for her is not going to decrease any less by her relationship status. Still I shall explore two scenarios:

  1. If she does end up having a boyfriend, Malala haters will go bonkers that she is “not a good Muslim”, and she is a “slut and a whore”. I know many judgmental Muslims, misogynist people, and Taliban apologist in Pakistan hates Malala at this level. For them, an honour of a girl (and her family) lies between her legs. All her accomplishments count to zero if she is not a virgin, or if she has emotional involvement with a boyfriend.
  2. If she somehow decides that she is not ready to enter a relationship…that she is too young for it…or she is too busy with her activism, then suddenly she will become an oppressed Muslim woman who is not allowed to live a “normal British life”, and who is denied the “privilege of having a boyfriend”. Many Islamophobes and/or people who hate Pakistan harbour so much hatred for Islam and/or Pakistan that they have started to detest the 19 year old girl, Because she wears both of these identities (religion/country) very proudly on her chest. These haters do not even realize how absurd they are getting in their loathing that they are propagating views that not having a boyfriend or girlfriend is abnormal, and having it is a privilege.

I really feel sorry for you (the questioner) and people who hold similar views. They have started personal attacks on her after having failed miserably to criticize the message of Malala .

(Education for every single child of this world, even for the child of her shooter;

I don’t want to be thought of as the “girl who was shot by the Taliban” but the “girl who fought for education.” This is the cause to which I want to devote my life; 

Live in Canada

And here’s another answer:

That is Ms Yousafzai’s business and none of ours. But personally I think she would be secular in her choice. Now watch those who think she should have no choice in relation to faith offer their opinions.

Well, how can internet not bash someone who has earned some name on their own?! Well, some people hate her with all their heart and will never recognize her work at all. But a vast majority do see her endless work and efforts that have made till now. Kudos to you girl, more power to you.

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