Malala Yousafzai Finally Speaks Up On Kashmir After Being Criticized For Silence On Indian Barbarity!

After India’s removal of article 370 that gave special powers and separate identity to Indian-occupied Kashmiris including their right to autonomy, Pakistan cried out for the suffering Kashmiris.

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Pakistan’s premier Imran Khan didn’t sit quietly at such injustice and reached out to several Muslim leaders including President of Turkey, Prime Minister of Malaysia and Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia to apprise them of rising aggression in J&K, including removal of the article that has stripped them of their status as separate state exercising their own power, rules and having their own flag, even.

While everyone including Pakistani celebrities raised their voices against the human rights violation committed by the Indian government and armed forces, one personality was nowhere to be seen. Malala Yousafzai, an advocate of human rights, youngest Nobel Prize laureate and a Pakistani activist who has earned herself international recognition and respect fell silent when her voice was needed the most.

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Her absence was noticed by everyone and they questioned her being mum expressing anger with disappointment.

Malala Faces Severe Criticism On Social Media. 

“The fact that Malala and her father didn’t raise their voice over Kashmir issue just when we need their influential power. What’s the point of being human rights activist and Nobel peace prize winner when you can’t speak on the biggest brutality against your own people??”

Veena Malik too took it to Twitter tagging Malala saying that she would unfollow her. She Tweeted: Hey @Malala I’m just wondering if you do know about Kashmir issue? I am a bit surprised that you haven’t talked or said anything about in regard to India-Kashmir-Pakistan current situation….Unfollowing You Right Here…!!!

After Receiving Massive Hate For Her Willful Silence, She Finally Wakes Up. 

When a hefty amount of backlash was hurled at her on various social media platform, she finally wrote a small “heart-felt” speech remembering the years’ long agony of Indian-administered Kashmiris.

Her Post Reads:

“The people of Kashmir have lived in violence since I was a child. For seven decades the children of Kashmir have grown up amidst violence”

“The people of Kashmir have lived in violence since I was a child. For seven decades the children of Kashmir have grown up amidst violence”

Her Original Post:

Malala’s statements were diplomatic and lacked authenticity. You cannot raise your voice without addressing the source and their brutalities that often make women and children their target. Malala, this was disappointing.

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