Actress Malaika Arora Reveals Islam’s Sit & Sip Is The ‘Right Way’ Of Drinking Water

Malaika drinking water sunnah

Malika Aurora has apparently ‘discovered’ a new healthy way to drink water. Recently, She has shared her secret to drinking water on her Instagram. While we commend celebrities promoting healthier lifestyle choices, owning a decades-old religious teaching as a self-discovery wasn’t exactly the smartest move.

Bollywood Actress Malaika Aurora, recently took to Instagram to share her (not so) secret with her 11.2 million followers.

She wrote, “We strive every day to keep ourselves fit, but what we often forget in all of this is the BASICS. Something as simple as drinking water. How to drink this simple and most important source of energy is something we usually don’t even consider. Here’s my tip to make sure that this simple thing is done in the right way. ”

While we appreciate the trend of going #backtobasics, the 46-year-old actress should have done a little background research before the self-proclamation.

She also posted a video, in which she said that the right way to drink water is to ‘sit and sip it, and not stand and gulp’.

However, the teachings of Islam have been guiding the world about the correct way to drink water since forever.

The reason it is wise to sit and drink water in three sips is that,

  • Firstly, our saliva is alkaline in nature, and water should be given time to mix with saliva so it stabilizes acid in our stomach.
  • Secondly, it gives time to your system to familiarize yourself with the temperature of the liquid.
  • Thirdly, taking it in at one go can make your stomach upset.

The world of science has also seconded this age-old water drinking technique as the best way to intake fluids.

A scientific study on drinking water talks about how standing while drinking could damage the kidney and other body organs and how sitting and taking smaller sips can improve health.

But hey science, we knew this already, and we will continue to lead a healthy and happy life following the Sunnah of our beloved Prophet Mohammed (PBUH).

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