Top 15 Makeup Brands In Pakistan 2023

makeup brands in Pakistan

The Pakistani cosmetics industry has been breaking boundaries and presently, it gladly stands firm the country over in the makeup brands in Pakistan.

The days are not far when local brands will be valued generally because of their quality and cost-adequacy.

Pakistani cosmetics sensations and bloggers show their love towards Pakistani cosmetics brands and say that
“Pakistani cosmetics brands have truly moved forward their game, over the most recent two years or thereabouts. Just take me for it, I am so pleased! We are not a long way behind worldwide brands as it were.”

They further added:

“The most outstanding aspect of our local makeup industry is getting astounding quality cosmetics at amazingly reasonable prices”.

Here we have brought the top 15 makeup and skincare brands in Pakistan.

1- Luscious Cosmetics

Luscious Cosmetics has made an admirable showing throughout the long term. It is one of the not very many makeup brands in Pakistan which offers a high scope of items at an incredibly reasonable price.
When the reporters asked a few questions to gain some information about their uniqueness, Meharbano Sethi, CEO of Luscious Cosmetics, said:

“Luscious Cosmetics is Pakistan’s one of the biggest shading beauty care products brand, which laid out in 2008. Our items are cruelty-free and vegan.”

The organization is an individual from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals [PETA] and guarantees that their items are environmentally friendly.

It is essentially difficult to place a finger on their best item since they all are simply amazing. From skincare packs to profoundly pigmented concealers, their items are appropriate for ladies generally.

The brand has set norms for each item because of its excellence and cost-adequacy. 

2- Organic Traveller

Certainly, cosmetics are fascinating; however, nobody ought to at any point disregard skincare. Organic traveler has made a point to take care of Pakistani ladies.

It has surpassed all assumptions about skincare. Their items are 100 percent natural and brutality-free.

Their renowned hydrating ‘Clear’ and ‘Extinguish’ serums are ideal for sleek and dry skin. They give a natural glow to the skin, lessening skin, break-out marks, and evening out the complexion.

The rundown of items is consistently developing. However, out of the other makeup brands in Pakistan they have acquired a ton of fan following over web-based media because of remarkable outcomes.

3- Medora

With regards to lipsticks, Medora is an old top choice of Pakistani ladies. The company is situated in Swat, Pakistan, and offers a wide range of tones in matte, semi-matte, and shiny lipsticks.

Be it full glitz or a natural look, you can get your ideal tone at the cheapest price. Also, they are super pigmented and don’t stick.

In Pakistan, you will observe these lipsticks at each cosmetics store as they are incredibly well known and just inside Rs 200 (£1.02). Unimaginable, correct?

As indicated by Pakistani makeup bloggers, it is difficult to call attention to the distinctions between the worldwide brands Mac’s lipsticks and Medora’s lipsticks.

4- Bling by Nadia Hussain

It is one of the well-known makeup brands in Pakistan. Nobody can deny the prominence of Nadia Hussain, who is a model actress and makeup artist, too; she has additionally launched a cosmetic brand you can get a wide range of lipsticks makeup brushes, lip gloss, and substantially more at a very reasonable price at bling by Nadia Hussain.

5- Kryolan Cosmetics

Kryolan has been a definitive decision for makeup geeks throughout the long term. This is one of the makeup brands that never compromises the quality of their items and consistently thinks of better-than-ever formulas. Do you want an establishment with great coverage? Look no further than the Kryolan establishment that covers pores and gives a high coverage for the perfect camera look.
That is the reason that Kryolan is mostly loved and used by the actress.
Kryolan has been in the business for over 75 years. Indeed, 75 years of involvement have carried them through these astonishing items in the cosmetics business; it remains with the world’s best makeup brands.

They assist you with achieving your goals by giving you an ideal look and supporting trust in your character. Its maker Arnold Langer generally gave preference to his clients over his business. Since the beginning, he has consistently taken the advice of talented beauty experts while making formulas for their products.

6- Atiqa Odho Cosmetics

Atiqa Odho is a renowned TV and film star and presently a makeup artist, she has launched a cosmetics brand in Pakistan her brand, you can get a wide range of cosmetics skincare Jewelry accessories, and garments at a considerably more reasonable rate.

7- Rivaj

The one brand each Pakistani lady has utilized something like once in the course of her life is Rivaj UK.

It has done an excellent job in gaining its position on the lookout. From its renowned smooth lip liners to pigmented ranges, Rivaj UK never disappoints its clients.

Their ingredients comply with the norms of European Union beauty care products, which makes it perhaps the best Pakistani cosmetics brand.

Regardless of whether it’s a little Chaand Raat gathering or a stupendous mehndi function, Rivaj UK has tried to satisfy your requirements.

One more significant explanation for its fame is that it is exceptionally reasonable so you can get different items at a negligible portion of the price.

8- Beautify by Amna

Beautify by Amna, is one of the well-renowned reasonable cosmetics brands in Pakistan and skincare things including serums night creams, face cleansers, masks, etc
You can likewise grab your hands on the cosmetics collection which contains the items night queens Florence and Empress collection, so what are you sitting tight for hustle along, and get our beloved skin and cosmetics items by visiting the online store that designed Beautify by Amna for their precious customers.

9- Glam Girl

Mahwish Saqib is a Pakistani makeup artist who is the owner of the well-known brand Glam Girl. It offers a variety of beauty and skincare items that are appropriate to the climatic changes in Pakistan.
The brand caused a ton of publicity via online media since it was immediately cherished by Pakistani ladies.

The items certainly supplement the warm South Asian complexion and suit a wide range of skin. This is to urge all Pakistani ladies to figure out how to do cosmetics like an expert and professionals.

10- Masarrat Misbah

Masarrat Misbah is a well-known makeup artist and the secret behind the popularity of this brand is its silk foundation for which it has gained the hype in the makeup industry and is famously known.

It also offers a huge range of cosmetics for skin eyes, cheeks, and lips. As she has targeted the Asian audience for his makeup, the rates are a little bit higher in comparison to other local brands.

11- Miss Rose

These days this brand has gained the love of the audience towards it and the reason is its affordable price with the high-quality products. Miss Rose has gained popularity for its skin lip eye cheek makeup products.

12- Christine Cosmetics

Christine beauty products is another one of the most loved makeup brands in Pakistan ladies because of its reasonably and wide range of items most ladies like to have the foundation compact powder lipstick and nail polishes of Christine beauty products because of its quality and price.

13- Bonanza Satrangi

we all are hearing the name “the top face” makeup, and this new named makeup line has been launched none other than a top clothing brand of Pakistan bonanza satrangi. They are providing affordable lipsticks eyeshadow eyebrow gels mascara foundation bb cream and much more with the utmost quality.

14- Alezem Beauty

Another Pakistani cosmetics brand, Alezem Beauty, has advanced into the market. It is based on the web and the site offers a variety of discounts for its clients.

It is broadly known for its Lipshay, Lip, and Cheek Tint which goes on for as long as 6 hours. It gives a natural look to the face and it costs around Rs 850 (£4.35).

The brand keeps on developing at an excellent rate. Whenever I got some information about their uniqueness, they said:

“Best quality with the best cost equivalently with other local brands.”

15- Zay Beauty

With regards to nearby ability, Zay Beauty has outperformed every single societal barrier.

Also known as “A Very Desi Makeup Brand”, Zay Beauty is in with no reservations about advancing the ‘brown’ culture.

The items are named after Urdu words like “Chand Tara” and “Chamak Dhamak” which draws in individuals overall. They additionally have an extremely customary and brilliant standpoint which is aesthetically satisfying.

Very much like other top-of-the-line brands, Zay Beauty has been a top choice for Pakistani young ladies due to its top-notch quality and a huge range of items.

If you are looking to buy some quality makeup products at affordable prices such as lipsticks, mascara foundation face powder, etc., then go for these top 15 Pakistani makeup brands which never fail to come up with your expectations.

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