6 Tips To Make Your Soul Happy

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Once in a life, you feel that any stress or tension is freaking you out and you have lost all the happiness of your life and also lost your soul aside. Have you ever noticed why it happens with you? No, then start focusing on my words it will help you to be happy again, to be cheerful like you were.
So, firstly what actually happiness is?

Happiness is satisfaction, satisfaction is achievement & achievement is goal of our life; so, if you will achieve the goal of your life then it will fulfill your satisfaction & this satisfaction gives you all the happiness of your life.

We usually assume that happiness is what when we get highest marks in our class or when we get a job that everyone dreamed off but this is not actually happiness , it gives you temporary happiness. So do what makes your soul happy whatever you decide to do make sure it makes your soul happy because Soul smiles through the lips of a happy face.

Ask yourself what makes your soul happy? Getting highest marks in your class? I will help you to find out what makes your soul happy. Here are 6 steps:


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You had spent a very hectic day so; you haven’t got time for yourself   Wait Wait Wait why? It’s alarming, don’t you love yourself? It’s OK to take a little time out of your busy life to just focus on “YOU”. Spending more time doing things that inspires you makes you happy whether it’s baking, dancing, walking, singing etc.


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Doing exercise or yoga techniques, enjoy music, watch movies, talking with your special friends & family, Connect with GOD through prayer makes your soul relax & happy.


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Do something you are afraid of. Trust me it makes you happy. People who take risks tend to be happier & successful than those who don’t.


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Be positive & think positive. Those who don’t have a positive attitude they always whining like a child & also very annoying & miserable personality. A positive attitude leads to success & happiness.


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Be a facilitator of yourself. Face the reality of life & make it easier by motivating yourself. If you are facing bad situation & you stuck in it can’t even come out than motivate yourself by saying these lines: “You can do it” & “the bad times makes a good time better”


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Ego can destroy your tranquility. Once a man asked a scholar that “I want happiness”, he replied; first remove ‘I’ that’s EGO than removing “Wants” that’s “desire”. See now you are left with only “happiness”.

A happy soul can never be Egotistic. Be a happy soul & fix your life. You need to understand that life is what you create or discover it isn’t a piece of cake. You were given this life because you are strong enough to live it.

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