Here’s How You Can Make Up For the Missed Fasts During the Month of Ramadan

makes up for the missed fasts

Due to health concerns, medication, traveling, menstruation, and various more, Muslims may be forced to leave fasts during Ramadan. Because Ramadan comes in the five core pillars of Islam, is essential for Muslims to fast unless or until there is a serious reason not to do so.

While maybe impossible for someone to fast because of their reason, it is essential for Muslims to then make up for the fasts they have missed out.

Known as fidyahthe amount which is paid to the poor in order how to make up for missed fasts is applied on certain conditions, and fasting in order to make up for the missed fasts is applied in some.

These conditions do not apply to those who miss their fasts because they “don’t feel like fasting,” or other reasons. These apply to serious conditions which are mentioned below.

In the case of a woman on her periods (hayd) or a non-terminally ill individual or in the case of post-natal (nifas) bleeding, the individual has to make up for the fast by fasting.

In the case of an old man or woman and a terminally ill individual, expiation – fidyah equal to half of the whole wheat for every missed fast has to be paid. While it is mentioned they do not have to make up for the missed fast by fasting, fidyah is preferred, but not obligatory either.

For pregnant or women who breastfeed their children, it is important for them and for the health of the baby to have a proper diet and in various conditions, fasting in such a position is not recommended. If such women miss their fasts, it is important for them to make up for them.

The pregnant woman makes up for the missed fasts by fasting when she has given birth and is healthy. On the other hand, the breastfeeding woman has to make up for the fast and pay fidyah as well – for every fast she has missed.

Ramadan comes once every year and for 30 years, Allah asks us to pledge our patience and stamina in His name. Let’s make sure to please Him and may He reward the results for our fasts, Ameen!

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