10 Things Only 90's Kids Can Relate To

10 Things Only 90’s Kids Can Relate To

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People who are born in 90’s had the best and active childhood comparatively with the ones nowadays as technology has taken away the charm from the kids. Below are some of the memorable things which only 90’s kids can relate to and want to go back in time again:

1-    UNO:

Source: Uno Game

You are not allegedly a 90’s kid if you hadn’t played this game. This was something every kid used to play. Unfortunately, this game is no more but way back then it was one of the most popular games.


Source: Emuparadise

When speaking of 90’s so how can one forget the famous game “Prince of Persia”. Talking about this particular game refreshes the memories of 90’s and it is unfair to talk about it while remembering childhood.

 3-    MARIO GAMES: 

Source: Emuparadise

Every 90’s kid can relate to this game as it was the most played game of those times. Every kid was so crazy for this game and it really brought back that craziness of the game. I still wonder why Mario wanted to rescue the princess when they didn’t get married? Why didn’t we waste so much energy? Lol

 4-    TOP POPS: 

Source: CHALO.PK

So the ever green Top pops are on this list too. The kids used to eat as snacks or used to take it to school for lunch and nothing can beat their taste, Voila.


So this one is for the girls. Girls used to make wigs from their mom’s dupatta while playing games to make their hair look longer. Funny but a very relatable memory for every 90’s girl.            

 6-    DDLJ: 

Source: Yesmovies

It was one of the biggest blockbusters of those times. People were drooling over every bit of this movie and it is still popular till date.


Source: Rediffmail

Now this one is something which again brings back the memories of kids and teens who went crazy for Hrithik Roshan and this song. Even kids bought the same net shirt.

8-    AAHAT: 

Source: Times of India

This tv show was the very famous amongst every age group. It was a horror show. This one brought back some haunted memories.

9-    C.I.D:  

Source: C.I.D

Speaking of TV shows, how can one don’t talk about the famous criminal and investigation based series C.I.D. It also reminded me the popular dialogue from this TV show “ Kuch tou garbar hai, Daya”.

10-          BUBBLE YOUR NAME:

Source: Flickr

This is such a famous gum of 90’s. Kids used to find their names in every purchase with such curiosity and most of the times, if you get to, had your friend or cousin’s name so you had to give them with a sulking feeling and sheer disappointment of getting your name on the bubble.

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