Maniwattan – The Voice Of The Voiceless In Balochistan


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This article was originally submitted by Lakhmir Baloch

Maniwattan is a platform on a well-known social media, Instagram. It covers all the untold stories of Balochistan and is trying to be the voice of the voiceless. Maniattan means my pride or my country.

Many journalists have been killed in Balochistan and there are few honest reports – from the province, in the national print or electronic social media because journalists are too scared. The story of this bloody civil war is going untold. However, this platform Maniwattan has reached a good audience on Instagram by covering the untold stories of Balochistan.

Nobody even knows how many people have disappeared – the figures are between hundreds and several thousand. ‘It’s a daylight robbery every day in Balochistan by the force of arms’ – Akber Khan Bugti

The founder of the platform is Mir Lakhmir Baloch Zamurani; who is currently perusing a law degree from the University of Essex, United Kingdom.

He is a well impassioned young Baloch; from Balochistan, Zamuran and is trying to make a change and become the voice of the voiceless; at this youthful age, by contributing and aiding those in need.

During this pandemic, he has contributed to the people around Balochistan and Sindh; by providing masks and 1000+ rations in different local towns. Unfortunately, it wasn’t covered anywhere as he is not a public figure. The way he reflects about the current situations in Balochistan is really inspirational.

‘War and cultural violence’s are penetrated or imposed in Balochistan through absolute centralism of state power; that has torn apart every social institution, moral and ethical values of society. The fellow-citizens of Pakistan are stuck in a bubble of politics; where are being fed with the lies each second of their lives. People from native lands are dragged and confronted in a war of terror that takes innocent lives. Doesn’t matter if you are a worker, farmer or student.’ – Mir Lakhmir Baloch Zamurani

We really need young people like him in our country because if they have a pattern of thinking; like this at the age, they are the hope of Pakistan.

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