WATCH: Mahira Brilliantly Teasing Malik With Wife Sania When He Tries To Get Personal

shoaib malik mahira khan

Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik is recently seen taking interviews of different celebrities on a live Instagram session. The cricketer has found a good way to interact with fans when all the cricketing tour is on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Malik recently had a live-session with actress Mahira Khan. They both had fun banter with each other. Malik at one point tried to get personal with Mahira when he asked about her love life. “Did you ever googled someone before dating him,” he asked.

However, Mahira’s prompt response was very interesting. “We didn’t date famous personality like Sania Mirza that we have to google them,” she said.

Malik got a bit perplexed with her sudden response but soon he controlled his nerves. He then asked Mahira about her crush on any of her co-actor to which Mahira expressed her fondness towards King of Bollywood Shah Rukh Khan.

Earlier, Malik interviewed cricketer Babar Azam which also grabbed headlines. Babar was asked to choose his favorite Bhabhi and he chose Sarfaraz Ahmed’s wife as his favorite Bhabhi. Malik’s wife Sania Mirza along with others got miffed with Babar. 

Moreover, Instagram’s live session is a new cool these days as many celebrities are seen going live for their fans. Also, that’s the only way to be seen these days amidst the lockdown. Malik will now interview actor/singer Ali Zafar over this weekend.


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