Mahira Khan Is A Part Of The Pakistan Youth Council

pakistan youth council

Mahira Khan has voiced her opinions regarding various serious social issues. Her presence as a celebrity is definitely quite strong but her passion for activism should not be overshadowed. Now, actress Mahira Khan is also a part of the 33-member National Youth Council that works for the betterment and assisting of the youth of Pakistan.



Pakistan youth council


The actress is also a well-known supporter of child protection when she raised her concern over child abuse and the young Afghan refugees. It is impressive to see people with platforms use their privilege to mention problems within Pakistani society.

The Purpose Of The Pakistan Youth Council:

The youth of this country is an important element as they are what shape the future and economy of Pakistan. Yes, it is natural that the youth is the most motivated to witness a change in Pakistan but our system tramples on them as well.

Recently, frequent victims of mental health issues are young people. Not to mention, the stigma surrounding mental health in this country also contributes to the advancement of their misery. The unnecessary pressures on young people are the sole reason why Pakistani youth is procrastinating and depressed.

pakistan youth council


Prime Minister Imran Khan is the patron-in-chief of the program. Moreover, Usman Dar, an adviser to the Prime Minister, is responsible for chairing the Pakistan youth council. Regarding the mission of the council, he mentions, “The council’s agenda will be uplifting youths for development and prosperity…Youths will be added to the decision-making process at the national level,”



The Youth Council consists of many famous individuals like Muniba Mazari, Hamza Ali Abbasi, Samina Baig, and Shafi Tanvir. This is pretty significant as the council will focus on multiple factors concerning the development of youth. The four youth ministers are going to push forward the development of the council’s programs. In addition, the council is full of figures from various backgrounds. Just an accumulation of people gathering around to ensure a change within the way our youth is treated.

pakistan youth council

Source: Nation

Many exciting programs are in the pipeline that will give a platform for young people to shine. Pakistani youngsters are stressed because of the lack of opportunities within the country. The fact that everything is in limitations has a huge effect on the mindset of people towards life in general. So, this is a positive way forward as such programs can provide youngsters to finally receive beneficial opportunities.

Taking to Twitter, actress Mahira Khan expresses her happiness towards becoming a prominent member of the Pakistan youth council. She tweets, “Honored to be a part of the first-ever National Youth Council of Pakistan. Thank you, Imran Khan, let’s do this” She thanks the PM for bringing forward such a council for the help of the most vulnerable individuals within the country.

Many are hoping she will prove herself as a worthy member as she already raises awareness towards societal injustices anyway.  Even the transgender Marvia Malik is a part of the National Youth Council.

It is another inspiring achievement in Mahira’s part for becoming a part of something expressive and helping.



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