Mahira Khan Dazzles with Haroon Shahid in Verna’s First Song and Pakistanis Love It

We are absolutely glad to say that Mahira Khan has returned to the surface with relevant news about her. The iconic celebrity stars in the latest film, “Verna” whose trailer was released a couple of days ago and speaks enough about how one should anticipate the movie. The trailer was well-acclaimed by the Pakistani audience and also it went viral like crazy on social media. Now, Mahira Khan star’s with Haroon Shahid in the first song of the movie Verna.

If you are an avid Coke Studio fan, you must recognize Haroon Shahid. Yes, the guy appeared back in Season 5 and became an imminent sensation back then.


Long after, he appeared in Season 9 of Coke Studio. If you remember the guy in the green shirt in “Baliye” featuring Qurat-ul-Ain Baloch and Noori! That’s Haroon Shahid, too.

Source: YouTube

And now, he appears alongside none other than Mahira Khan in the much sought-after record, “Sambhal Sambhal Kay” of Verna.

Of course, Pakistanis couldn’t hold back their love for Mahira. It’s good that she made a comeback on social media out of the whole epidemic of controversies surrounding her, only to address her work and nothing.

This track is already gaining massive numbers.


Indeed, it has quite the same vibe about it!

It’s great to see that our stars are hitting incredible milestones and nourishing our film industries with incredible work. Verna is set to release in November and we shall find out how the film turns out!

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