Critics Force Mahira Khan To ‘Temporarily’ Deactivate Twitter Account!

mahira khan deactivate twitter

Actress Mahira Khan temporarily shuts down her Twitter account after her so-called fans started bashing her out. It looks like the fans didn’t like her idea of inclining towards the yet-to happen Aurat March and her idea of being a part of it.

Mahira Khan shuts down her Twitter account after being intensely criticized!

Following the Khalil-Ur-Rehman controversy, Mahira earlier expressed her views in favor of the women who are abused. The actress decided to be a part of the march and speak on behalf of women against verbal abusers like Khalil.

mahira khan deactivates twitter

The News

With ‘Aurat March’ just around the corner, Khalil-Ur-Rehman criticized the agenda of the event followed by his abusive remarks towards journalist Marvi Sirmed. Subsequently, his definite actions triggered the women who are part of the Aurat March.

Alongside many celebrities backlashing Khalil Qamar, Mahira Khan also shared her concerns saying: “We are a country getting used to the idea of equal rights, Me Too, Times Up. Moreover, all of us, as those in positions of power and privilege, should speak a language that a common man would understand. We don’t march for ourselves. We march for those who can not march for themselves.

Here is her tweet regarding the Aurat March!

Nonetheless, the viewers started trolling Mahira on her positive stance towards the march, and her plan to join the scene. As a consequence of which, the actress has temporarily deactivated her Instagram account.

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However, Mahira has been active on other social media platforms. Still, it is quite unknown when she will resume posting on the tweeting site.

Celebrities Showing Their Concerns!

Following, Mahira deactivating her account, people in favor of her started to post on social media platforms. Condemning the activists responsible, Mahwash Aijaz tweets: “Congratulations to all the activists who trolled Mahira Khan. Indeed, you got what you wanted. She has deactivated her Twitter account. I hope you count it as a win. Idiots.

Also, this twitter user sheds light on the matter with her tweet!

Besides her tweet, she also sides with Mahira saying that the actress never spoke harshly with anyone. Clearly, all she did was sharing her thought about the March in a quiet respectful manner.

Upon all the disrespect Mahira has been receiving for her opinion, another twitter user shared her insight tweeting!

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