Mahira Khan and Haroon Shahid Surprised PIA Passengers and It is Adorable!

Pakistan International Airlines – PIA may have people debate on its positive and negative aspects, but it sure knows how to keep its passengers happy. The national airlines often get ambushed by the locals due to its services, but given how the government is always working on it, the locals continue giving it all the attention.

To Honor, the Independence Day of Pakistan, the Airline Surprised the Passengers Onboard with the Appearance of Momina Mustehsan and Haroon-Sharon

The passengers onboard loved the performances by the three musicians.

Given how this geared a lot of attention and perhaps worked well in the favor of the musicians and the airlines involved, the cast of upcoming Pakistani suspense film Verna pulls the same stunt. While the crew is on the tour to promote the film, they decided to choose PIA as means to travel.

And the Amount of Love Khan Receives During her Promotions Shows How Much this Nation is Looking Forward to her Upcoming Film

Mahira Khan and Haroon Shahid Surprised the PIA Passengers

The duo are the lead characters in Shoaib Mansoor’s upcoming Pakistani film, Verna!

The Passengers Loved the Surprise and So Did the Social Media

Pakistani Chef Zubaida Apa was Also on the Same Flight

It indeed seems like a great way to surprise the locals, especially when you are using the national airways for the purpose.

Wishing Mahira Khan and the team of Verna all the very best for the upcoming film!

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