Mahira Wants Govt To Provide Justice To Young Jibran Who Was Murdered In Quetta

Mahira jibran

A 17-year-old boy was subjected to a brutal knife attack over a small dispute and left to die in Quetta. The victim Jibran Agha was brutally killed in Quetta on 28 May. The culprit stabbed him with a knife and plunged it in his throat and left him to die.

Another unfortunate case another hashtag

Recently, we have come across uncountable cases where people demand justice for the deceased against powerful entities. Their beloved’s memory turns into a dying hashtag on social media.

For instance, Jibran is another poor soul who lost his life over a petty issue while his family unknowingly awaited for his safe return like any other day.

According to reports, Hubair Kakar stabbed Jibran. The accused is a young guy belonging to an influential family. Kakar was allegedly drunk and high on drugs when he stabbed Jibran.

While Jibran’s family mourns their young son’s untimely death the accused is roaming carefree in the world.

‘Make an example out of them’

Similarly, actress Mahira Khan also took to social media to raise voice for the departed soul and demand justice for Jibran and his family.

She tagged Prime Minister Imran Khan and Minister of Human Rights Shireen Mazari in her strong-willed tweet.

Twitteraties also demand #JusticeForJibran

Twitter is up and arms about the barbaric murder of Jibran. People all over are demanding that strict measures to be taken to catch the culprit and serve justice to the grieving family.

Most importantly, the dead cannot cry out for justice it is the duty of living to do so. The unfortunate soul departed the world in pain. It is now in the hands of our judicial system and government to make sure he gets justice.

Moreover, we see the ‘common man vs powerful people’ debate rise like never before after countless such cases of injustice and entitled behavior came to light.

Meanwhile, the Balochistan government and the center are yet to say a word on the matter. The people of Balochistan always feel neglected by the government as well as media when it comes to helping them over such incidents.


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