Little Maham Has COVID-19. Can She Blame Family For Ignoring Lockdown?

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A little angel Maham Sheikh was tested coronavirus positive after her family ignores the lockdown in Larkana. The pictures of the cute little girl since then have been going viral. This case must raise some serious the coronavirus threat is real and can impact a person of any age. It’s high time that people start taking this issue seriously and stay home for the sake of humanity.

Reportedly, her entire family also got infected with the deadly virus. Apparently, they didn’t take the lockdown seriously and were visiting places in the past few days.

It is also a duty of citizens to realize their responsibilities and follow the SOPs enforced by the government. Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah has been sending out warnings that people must stay indoors and should not violate lockdowns. Everyone must take care of himself and others. But seems like not everyone is listening.

People are concerned about Maham and now praying for the little angel on social media.

Coronavirus in Larkana

Sindh CM Murad Ali Shah, during a recent visit to Larkana, has said the death toll ratio has reached 2.2 percent in the province and it is alarming. He has directed the divisional and deputy commissioners Larkana to take concrete measures to control the number of positive cases.

The district administration sealed three localities after confirmation of 14 new coronavirus cases. Shah also said that 289 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 were diagnosed in Sindh and five patients lost their lives during the last 24 hours.

The provincial CM’s drive through the city of Larkana and witnessed the lockdown situation. On the way, he stopped a police van in which more than eight policemen were on board. He directed them to get down and ensure social distancing.

However, during his visit to the district, in the name of security, locals were left at the mercy of Sindh police.

Moreover, we recently came across a case where due to the CM’s security protocol, poor parents of a critically ill child had to beg to Sindh police to let him pass the security barriers. The Larkana police, however, heartlessly told the helpless parents to return to their home.

Though CM Shah seems to be more efficient in dealing with the ongoing pandemic, there’s still a lot to do when it comes to local authorities. There were many incidents in the past few days where Sindh police and other important institutions of Pakistan showed negligence towards their duties.


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