Madrassa Teacher Who Beat 9-year-old Hussain to Death Speaks Up and Feels No Remorse

An appalling news came out of Karachi recently where a madrassa teacher beat a 9-year-old child to death. The absolutely condemnable and horrific act was committed by the teacher who swore to teach the sacred text of Holy Quran to innocent little children.

The barbaric incident follows the epidemic of Zainab’s tragic murder. We continue to come across such distressing news on a regular basis and no one can actually say when will this stop. The student’s name was Mohammad Hussain, he was severely beaten by his teacher and it went extreme to the point that his own teacher took his life.

Pakistanis on social media continue to speak against these monsters who are lurking everywhere around us. It’s a sad state of affairs and this is another reminder that we have failed to protect our children. The safety and security of children is a large concern now. Sexual predators, murderers, all these kinds of monsters are ready to steal their childhood and take away their innocence.

Meanwhile, the madrassa teacher who beat Hussain to death comes out and speaks about the whole incident. The look on his face and the manner where he tries to justify his act of killing as a valid option for him is shocking. Someone recorded a video of him speaking:

The apparent question we have been aching to ask –

It’s a ground reality that many Madrassas are no longer serving their true purpose. They have become a breeding ground, a stronghold for terrorists, fanatics, sexual predators, and killers. This may not be the first time we have come across such a sad news. Another child had to face it and succumb to the misery since we, as a nation, have failed to protect our children.

These underlying issues and sad realities need to be talked about. We need to stand and rise against hate, violence, oppression, and persecution, no matter who is the victim.

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