Madrassa Students Win Robotic Competition In HITEC University, Taxila!

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Madrassas of Pakistan have procured a bad reputation because of cases pertaining to gross physical violations of minor students by Maulvis. However, one cannot generalize every institute to be riddled with the same darkness. Jamia Baitul Sallam’s students are a perfect example of sound, bright and learned individuals. They just recently achieved great success in various competitions.

Madrassa students breeze through three competitions at HITEC University, Taxila.

Not only they won Urdu speech competition and spelling bee, but they also aced through the robotics competition-beating 20 other universities. Moreover, this goes to show the talent and intelligence of not just the regular students but the ones enrolled in madrassas.

Mardarassa students win robotics competition

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There is a stereotype surrounding the children receiving religious education and enlightenment. However, this group of bright youngsters proved the stereotypes to be just what they are; a generalized notion that necessarily isn’t true every time. Unfortunately, one cannot deny the possibility of these religious institutes to be housing pedophiles and offenders. There have been numerous cases of religious clerics harassing young children to satisfy their perversion. In addition, recently, a Qari was caught in a disturbing act with a naive boy.

PM Imran Khan has taken notice of these matters as well. There have been talks regarding revolutionizing these institutes; bringing them out of the traditional ways and into the realm of technology. However, the problem lies within the hearts and minds of the ones spreading the word of Islam. The teachers have converted into criminals.

Future of Madrassas in Pakistan

Jamia Baitul Sallam is a ray of light within the evil that has consumed the innocence of countless children in Pakistan. Their students winning against some of the finest brains from 20 universities is proof of a good education and environment. There is no denying the fact that religious education is important for Muslims. However, when coupled with the regular form of studies, creates bright students who are morally sound and grounded.

madrassa reforms in pakistan

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We are immensely proud of these students and wish them luck for many more milestones ahead. Pakistan’s talent pool is well-known around the world. Countless students have represented Pakistan in international competitions and won first places; be it academics or sports. Not only the youngsters but Pakistan’s workforce also garners a reputation for quality work and deliverance.

Pakistani Students

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Pakistan is heading towards a brand new year. This country is bound for greatness with advancements in many sectors, including tourism.

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