Pakistani Cleric Asks Children To Not Believe Science, Says Earth Doesn’t Revolve Around Sun

imran attari madni

Science is being taught in Pakistani schools since the inception of the country. The young and feeble brains in Pakistan are taught what the whole world learns. Being a third world country, there is a strong need for scientists and other innovators to take hold of our future, so that we too, can stand at par with the rest of the world one day.

However, one Pakistani religious cleric wants the youth of the country to stay averse to this idea. Haji Imran Attari, a prominent cleric, who often appears on the Madni Channel, has come out with a mindboggling theory. More than anything, this act of his has left people disappointed.

While on a show speaking to children, who go to both schools and madrassas, are taught both science and Islamiat, Haji Attari made some startling claims. The show called ‘Bachon ke Masail’ saw a discussion on Science, geography and the world.

One brilliant child, who is also a Madrassa student, explained the process of the Earth revolving around the Sun to Haji Imran Attari. Perfectly explaining how the process takes place. At this, Haji Imran Attari smirks and laughs, stating that what the children are being taught is incorrect.

All the kids spoke correctly as per the rules of Science and Geography. Haji Imran Attari said: “the world does not rotate, it is static. This logic is incorrect. This theory of science is incorrect, the real theory is of Quran and Hadith.”

He went on to add that our ‘Alaa Hazrat’ have proved that the world doesn’t revolve around the Sun. He then forces the children to believe what Islam says and not Science. However, many on social media have pointed out that this is not what Islam teaches either.

The brilliant students, who learned so much about the Earth and Universe, will have to undo all their knowledge because Haji Imran Attari is forcing them to. He forced them to accept that this is ‘Nazariya-e-Islam’ and how students should not follow Science or Geography.

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