Made in Afghanistan Supercar Hits Viral

Afghanistan Supercar

A team of Afghan IT experts has created a supercar. A video of the sportscar ‘Mada 9’ is going popular on social media, with people appreciating the effort.

Mada 9 is a prototype supercar constructed from the ground up at the Navavari Center for Technical and Vocational Education of Afghanistan, according to the details. It is a product of ENTOP, the IT Ministry, and the Afghanistan Innovation Center.

The development videos reveal that the Mada 9’s body is composed of composite materials. The vehicle has a tube frame chassis, pushrod suspension in the F1 style, and a mid-engine configuration, with the engine located behind the driver.

 Picture of Afghanistan Supercar

Muhammad Raza Ahmadi, the chief executive officer (CEO) of ENTOP, stated in the video that the team has been developing the prototype for five years. In two weeks, the team will complete this project and display it in its final form at the Qatar Exhibition, according to him.

The developers assert that Mada 9 is being constructed with Afghanistan’s hilly terrain in mind. Before putting the prototype into production, the team will conduct exhaustive testing.

Upon the car’s official unveiling, the firm is expected to provide additional information. Mada 9 is an ambitious project that, despite its lack of a publicly announced completion date, represents a tremendous achievement for the Afghans.

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